Please take a look below at our club layouts or those owned by members of the club. Those currently available for exhibition will be shown in the tab.

Milford Park – N Gauge

Not Available for Exhibition at this time.
This an N gauge layout that the society recently had donated to us. It is currently being overhauled and upgraded by one of our members.

This layout is only 3ft 6″ x 2ft 6″ and shows what can be achieved using a Peco track plan. The layout is equipped for DCC operation and all points are motorised. There are also working lights. All track is laid using Peco code 80 rail and the points are also standard set track turnouts.


Available for Exhibition. Threwn is a 009 model featuring moving skies, Welsh slate, Sherbert Lemon and Pot Noodle trains.

Bournemouth West – 00 Finescale

Available for Exhibition
The layout depicts the famous station of Bournemouth West in the late 1950’s and very early 60’s which was constructed with exceptional skill by the previous owners led by Roger Sutherland. The track and points are hand built, all of the signals are operational and the vast majority of the buildings have been scratchbuilt from photographs and drawings.

Lowe Quay – 00 Gauge

Not available for Exhibition at this time
Lowe Quay was purchased by the Society in 2019 from Southampton MRS. The layout is now undergoing a full upgrade with modifications from top to bottom including changing it over to DCC control.

The layout is set in London and based around being a Southern region dock layout. The layout is 16ft long by 2ft 6inches wide.

Ashlands – 00 Gauge

Not available for Exhibition at this time
Ashlands is a 4mm 00 gauge layout that is a former Hornby magazine ‘layout in a weekend’ challenge. It was originally built by the Hornby Magazine editor Mike Wild, Graham Muzpratt and others. 

The layout is set in ‘the Withered Arm’ and inspiration was taken from Ashwater and Dunsland Cross. Since coming off of the exhibition circuit it ended up in Portsmouth before being purchased by a member of the society in 2020.

Society Test Track – 00/N/009

This is the society’s test track that has recently been overhauled by two of our members. There are 2 gauges on the test track which are 00 (16.5mm) and N gauge/009 (9mm). 

Wadebridge – N Gauge

Not available for Exhibition at this time
Wadebridge is an N gauge layout that is part of the Cornish Lines project which was originally constructed in the 1990’s.

The layout depicts the Southern region Withered Arm outpost as it was in the mid 1950’s.

We are aiming to have Wadebridge exhibitable in 2024.

Bodmin Road – N Gauge

Not Available for Exhibition at this time.
Bodmin Road is part of the Cornish Lines Project that was started in the early 1990’s. The layout is set in the late 40’s/early 1950’s and forms what is now Bodmin Parkway. 

The layout is 27ft long and it is the biggest of the 4 Cornish Lines layouts. Bodmin Road is operable and we took it to one of our club open day events a few years ago. However, it is in need of some upgrades including a move to using point motors/servo’s.  

Trelill – N Gauge

Available for Exhibition
Trelill is an N gauge Southern Region Withered Arm layout built by one of our members. It started life a a test track, but quickly turned into the first attempt at layout construction and Trelill became the result.

Redacre – 00 Gauge

Available for Exhibition
Redacre is a 4mm 00 gauge fictitious mid-1960’s BR southern branch line which also served as a diversion route between Basingstoke and Southampton.

It has 2 platforms in an unconventional island platform setting, dead end siding on the up side. With a loop and yard that has a good shed and coal merchant on the down side.

Bodmin General – N gauge

Available for Exhibition
Bodmin General. This model is set in the British Railways Steam Era in the mid 1950’s. the station is a through working terminus, on the line from Bodmin Road to the “withered arm” of Southern Railway at Wadebridge. It is based on measurements taken at the site. The main station building is still in existence as a railway preservation area. All other buildings have been recreated from photographs and descriptions published in books. These have been covered in real stone gathered from the site.  

Padstow – N Gauge

Not Available for exhibition at this time
Padstow is part of the Cornish Lines project. We used to have a model of the same layout, but we are now just starting out in making a new version that is a little bigger, but will be a much higher level of detail and accuracy to bring it up to the same standard of modelling as Bodmin General & Wadebridge.

St Ann – 00 Gauge

Not available for Exhibition at this time
This layout has been undergoing a full overhaul for the last few years. It has been extended to 16ft long and the right half of the layout has been completely renewed. The Left half is also undergoing modifications, but they are much more subtle. 

St Ann is based in North London in the post steam era, mainly in the blue diesel period. Once complete, the layout will be put back out on the exhibition circuit. 

A Really Useful Railway – 00 Gauge

Available for Exhibition
A Really Useful railway is a simple 8ft x 4ft layout built by one of our members to engage with younger modellers and model rail enthusiasts to help spark their imagination. The layout is designed to be operated by children and older as a ‘have a go layout’. Inspired by the original Thomas the tank engine TV series in the 1980’s, those viewing the layout will see a range of Thomas the Tank characters as well other examples of steam and diesel traction.