Bournemouth West – 00 Finescale

This layout is one of the most well known exhibits on the exhibition circuit. It has recently been purchased by one of our members from the team that originally constructed Bournemouth West.

The layout, after some maintainence will be exhibited under the Salisbury & South Wilts Railway Society name although it will remain privately owned.

The layout depicts the famous station of Bournemouth West in the late 1950’s and early 60’s, which was constructed with exceptional skill by the previous owners led by Roger Sutherland. The track and points are hand built, all of the main signals are operational and the vast majority of the buildings have been scratchbuilt from photographs and drawings.

The rolling stock has been carefully put together using locomotives that were actually seen at Bournemouth West between 1958 and 1961. Rolling stock formations have also been accurately depicted as much as possible.

The layout is operated using DCC control, utilising the Digitrax system. It also features a fully route set control panel and an operating sequence that follows a typical timetable of the period that the layout has been modelled in.