Bodmin General – N gauge

Bodmin General. This model is set in the British Railways Steam Era in the mid 1950’s. the station is a through working terminus, on the line from Bodmin Road to the “withered arm” of Southern Railway at Wadebridge. It is based on measurements taken at the site. The main station building is still in existence as a railway preservation area. All other buildings have been recreated from photographs and descriptions published in books. These have been covered in real stone gathered from the site.  


The track work is made by Peco but all the points have been hand built using drawings/prints that have been reduced by photocopier and then constructed on top of the drawings using copper clad and code 55 rail.

All of the Stock for this layout is ‘off the shelf’ from Graham Farish, Peco, Dapol and Ixion.

An operating sequence can be used and this is based on the timetable of the latter part of this period.