Lowe Quay – 00 Gauge

Lowe Quay was purchased by the Society in 2019 from Southampton MRS. The layout is now undergoing a full upgrade with modifications from top to bottom including changing it over to DCC control.

The layout is set in London and based around being a Southern region dock layout. The layout is 16ft long by 2ft 6inches wide.

As part of the scenic upgrades, the rear of the layout has been completed stripped and is now being rebuilt to include 3rd and fourth rail capability. There is a junction on the top where overground and underground trains meet. This section is run on a new automatic control system which not only controls the trains automatically, but also controls the points and the signals as well.

Lowe quay has been re-wired, had new trestles and beams made as well as having the presentation boards at the front on the layout remade and painted.

Once the scenery is upgraded, the layout will be put back out on the exhibition circuit.