Threwn is a 009 layout that was built by the late Martin Moss, a renowned modeller and long serving member of the Salisbury & South Wilts Railway Society.

In June 2023, Martin’s wife via a club member offered the layout to the club in return for a donation to the Salisbury Stars appeal which Martin was a supporter of.

Since its return to the club, we have painted the front and rear of the layout, serviced the stock and made the odd addition in response to the new fabulous 009 models available today.

A description of this eccentric but wonderful layout is below:

Threwn. Somewhere in deepest Wales, the small town of Threwn has a thriving economy. This is supported by the famous pot noodle mine at nearby Getthyr and the even more valuable Sherbert Lemon quarry on the Celtref Spur. The ever present danger of bandits has obliged the miming company to supply armed guards. A multiclass passenger service connects Threwn to Getthyr and Arelldref. A loco hauled single bogie serves Celtref. The local farmers have combined in a co-operative with French farmers to cross breed snails and cows. The breeding programme ensures that the meat has a snail like taste beloved but the French. A sideline is the genetic enhancement of frogs to produce giant size frogs legs. The mine needs pit props and the quarry coal. Both are supplied by rail from Arelldref. Threwn is the only place where unicorns can still be found.

The layout started life as a P4, EM, 00 and 009 test track. Boards are geodetic plywood with an insulation board top.  The station section is a shunting puzzle for a 1986 copy of Model Railways.