Trelill – N Gauge

Trelill is an N gauge Southern Region Withered Arm layout built by one of our members.

The layout was first constructed as a test track, mainly to look at different fiddle yard designs. As can be seen in the photo’s, the fiddle yard has a very unusual design of two sector plates with a diamond crossing in the middle. This configurarion allows a train to leave one sector plate, go around the layout, arrive back into the other sector plate before being set back into it’s original starting position. The result is that the operator does not have to handle the loco’s and stock, thus reducing the wear and tear on them.

The scenic part of the layout itself is set on the Withered Arm between Halwill Junction and Wadebridge. Trelill did not have a station, but the line did run through the village via Trelill tunnel. The layout has been built as though the village did have a station and this is what it may have looked like. All stations along the route were very similar in their design and key characteristics.

The track is laid using Peco code 80 track and most of the points are from Peco. However a couple of have been hand built to gives better aesthetics and running quality.

All of the buildings have been scratch built using plans, pictures and drawings of typical buildings in the area. The rolling stock comes from a range of manufacturers including, Graham Farish, Dapol and Union Mills.

The layout has recently had some scenic upgrades with the addition of static grass and a new and improved backscene that curves more gently and is more realistic will be installed in the near future.